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Parenting the Love and Logic Way®

This program is the updated version of "Becoming a Love and Logic Parent". It is a six-week workshop that was developed by Jim Fay, Dr. Charles Fay, and Foster Cline of the Love and Logic Institute to help parents with "The most important Job there is." The classes provide practical techniques that help parents achieve respectful and healthy relationships with their children ages two through teen. Love and Logic skills are easy to learn, changes lives and raises the odds of raising responsible kids.

This powerful workshop will help you:

Understand your children.
Learn practical techniques that you can immediately put into practice.
Meet and network with other parents in your community.
Build a happier family.

As a parent, you are the most important person in your child's life. You will learn the importance and impact of parent modeling. You will also learn the power of calmness and the strength of silence. Bring the fun back into parenting. After taking this class you will look forward to your child making mistakes so that you can put your new skills into action in an empathetic and loving way.

For school districts or Parent organizations that may choose to sponsor this program, imagine the impact on your school when parents of your community begin to use the same language when they deal with misbehavior or help children take responsibility for their own problems. The skills parents learn are passed down to their children through modeling. In the long run, the possibility of children becoming better at solving problems and resolving peer conflict becomes greater resulting in more time spent focused on educational goals.

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 “The class has made my household a calmer environment – and fostered a stronger family relationship.” (Debbie, University Heights)

“I love the tools I have learned in this class.  I feel so empowered to teach my children to be responsible for their problems, as well as set boundaries for myself to ensure my own well-being.”  (Mamie – Lakewood)

“I love this class.  I have restored peace and love to my home. I spend less energy and my children actually listen when I do speak.”  (Linda – Medina)

“This course has allowed me to have more control of my self when parenting my children.  I am happier and I know they will be happier.”  (Dawn – Westlake)

“Great Class!  So many easy-to-use strategies!  I was skeptical at first, but it really works.”  (Jane – Westlake)